Blenheim EquiSports Young Hunter Series

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The Blenheim EquiSports Young Hunter Series is open to all USEF recorded horses that are eligible to compete as a Young Hunter under the most current USEF Federation rules.  The Series is comprised of 15 Qualifiers (offering $15,000 Total Prize Money) and a Final (offering $10,000 Total Prize Money).  The 2020 qualifying season commences March 18 & concludes August 23, 2020.  The 2020 Final will be held during “Showpark Summer Classic now at Blenheim”, August 19-23, 2020.

Blenheim Young Hunter Classic Specifications:

  • Six horses are required to compete for the Young Hunter Classic to be considered held.
  • Open to all Young Hunter age group sections (5 & U – 3’; 6 & U – 3’3”; 7 & U – 3’6”);
  • Format: Two Round Hunter Classic using a designated class within each division as the First Round of the Classic; Round Two to include the Top 12 from all Young Hunter age group sections, based on scores received in Round One, returning to compete over a second round classic hunter course at their respective height as shown in Round One; 3’6” to commence first in Round Two, followed by 3’3” & 3’;
  • Horses to receive USEF HOTY points for each Classic placing;
  • Blenheim EquiSports Young Hunter Classics will be held at every Blenheim managed Premier rated competition from March 18 thru August 23, 2020 (fifteen total);
  • Horses may be ridden by a professional, junior or amateur;
  • There is no limit to the number of horses a rider may compete;

Blenheim EquiSports (BES) Young Hunter Final Specifications:

The 2020 Blenheim EquiSports Young Hunter Finals will offer $10,000 in prize money and will be held during Showpark Summer Classic now at Blenheim, August 19-23, 2020.


  1. All Horses must have competed in ONE (1) Blenheim Young Hunter Classic within the stated qualifying period OR pay the $250 Pay to Compete Fee plus the additional Finals entry fee;
  2. To be officially considered, the Blenheim EquiSports Young Hunter Final Declaration Page provided by Blenheim EquiSports must also be completed upon entry deadline (entries will be required to prove eligibility);
  3. Riders are not required to have participated in the Blenheim Young Hunter Series to compete in the Final;
  4. There is no restriction on the number of horses any one rider may compete and horses may be ridden by a professional, junior, or amateur rider;
  5. Six entries are required to be entered and have competed for the Finals to count toward USEF HOTY points.

Order of Go: Random – Computer Drawn; Seven Years old and Under to compete first in Round One, followed by the Six Year Olds, and then Five Years Old; Five Years Old to compete first in Round Two, followed by the Six Year Olds and then the Seven Year Olds.

Format:  Two Round Hunter Classic format; to be scored under the open numerical judging system. To be shown over a classic type course set at 3’, 3’3” & 3’6” in height.  The top 12 horses will return to jump a second round in reverse order of their scores from Round One—see Order of Go for additional format; In case of ties, order of those tied will be drawn.  Scores will be averaged from both rounds to determine the overall placing.  In case of a tie for first place only, the tied horses will jump a third round over a shortened course to break the tie.  In all other ties, the prize money will be added and divided equally, and riders will toss a coin for the ribbons.  The Finals will not count towards a Show or USEF Championship; however, horses will receive points – using the USEF “Hunter Classic” point structure – towards USEF HOTY Awards.

Attire/Awards:  Formal Attire.  Trophy to first, one set of Ribbons thru 12th place; prize money divided as follows: 30%, 22%, 13%, 8%, 6%, 5%, 4%, 3%, 3%, 2%, 2%, 2%; Additional Awards may be presented.

Entry Fee:  $350 plus the $250 Pay to Compete Fee if applicable

    Karli Postel aboard SEBASTIAN

    Allison LaJoie aboard PLAYBOY