May 30, 2019 | Show Stories

DJ and Sophie Simpson claim victory in the Brookway Stables Young Hunter Classic at Showpark Ranch & Coast. 

PC: Captured Moment Photography

Deja Blue aka “DJ” is a stunning KWPN dappled grey gelding, owned by Lexie Looker. DJ began his #PathwayToSuccess in the 5-year old Young Hunter division in the Fall of 2018. Currently, he’s making waves in the 6-year old Young Hunter and Adult Amatuer Hunter divisions. In May of this year, Sophie Simpson of Blue Ridge Farms piloted this Young Hunter Star to a win in the Brookway Stables Young Hunter Classic at Showpark Ranch & Coast Classic.

In addition to sharing success in the Adult Amateur Hunters, Looker and DJ share a March 18th birthday!

“He has the sweetest and most forgiving personality and really aims to please, which is what I think makes him such a great athlete. There’s nothing he wouldn’t do to get snuggles, apples, or carrots and to put a smile on our faces,” Looker gushed.  “Getting to know him and watching him learn his job has been such a fun process. You can tell he’s always thinking and trying to improve. Working with an animal that’s so smart is really exciting.”

Get the inside scoop on this head-turner in his profile below!


DJ getting his lucky apple at the show. 

PC: Lexie Looker

DJ giving out free hugs!  

What is Deja Blue’s favorite treat?

DJ’s favorite treat would have to be apples.

If he were a celebrity, who would he be and why?

If he were a celebrity I think he would be Calvin Harris, the Scottish DJ, singer and songwriter. Both of them are very driven and love their job.

Is he outgoing or introverted/ talkative or shy?

DJ has a very kind personality, but he is more of an introvert. Very cuddly and affectionate, but shy.

Would he rather eat or compete?

DJ loves competing and being in the spotlight. He started showing in November of last year, and continues to improve each time he goes in the show ring. He definitely likes being in the winner’s circle! And he loves getting an apple for good luck (and inspiration) in the morning!

What would be his favorite subject in school and why?

I think DJ would love writing, English would be his favorite subject. He tends to analyze things and you can tell he’s always thinking. He’s very smart and his mind is always working. I see him as being an intellectual.

What are his goals in life?

His goals in life are to excel in the hunters with an amateur or a junior. His sweet personality and demeanor make him a perfect teammate.

Lexie Looker and DJ at 2019 Showpark Ranch & Coast