Young Hunter Profile: At Last TW aka ‘Charlie’

May 2, 2019 | Show Stories

At Last TW, barn name ‘Charlie’, is a stunning 7-year old Oldenburg gelding, owned by Jaymie Ho. Jaymie bought Charlie as a 5-year-old from her friend Annalise Kannow, who owns Three Wishes Farm in Camarillo, California.

When Jaymie purchased Charlie, she had just lost a horse and Annalise suspected that she and Charlie would be a great fit. Jaymie quickly fell in love with his incredible personality and, with the blessing of her trainer, Devon Gibson, decided to purchase and develop this young talent.  

Jaymie fondly describes Charlie as “the horse who greets you with a whinny and runs up to the gate the moment he hears your voice. He loves for you to hang out in his paddock and turnouts and he will often put on a show for you. He loves to be loved on and he absolutely loves to put his head in your lap for a hug. I honestly feel like this horse would try and climb into my lap if I sat down on the ground. He is the definition of the ‘puppy dog’ personality.”

Growing up on a broodmare farm, and being the token gelding, seems to have fostered Charlie’s love of attention. His owner, trainer, and riders agree that he is a born performer, who loves to show off for his audience.  

Charlie’s #PathwayToSuccess gained momentum in 2018 when he placed 3rd overall in the CPHA Green Incentive Championship, after winning the first round. Charlie also finished 7th overall in the competitive Young Hunter Championship. Gabriela Pattinson, the 2019 Emerging Professional Grant winner, was his pilot for both. They’ve already made a splash on the BES Young Hunter scene and are certain to be ready to rock the Championships during the Blenheim Fall Tournament in September.

Read on to find out what else this handsome chestnut athlete is thinking!


Kim Hall, Adult Amatuer Hunter Classic Winner
PC Blenheim EquiSports



Gabriela Pattinson, Young Hunter Classic Winner,
PC Blenheim EquiSports



What is At Last TW’s favorite treat?
He loves any kind of fresh fruit! Raspberries and blueberries are his favorite.

If he were a celebrity, who would he be and why?
Cristiano Ronaldo. He’s an athlete and a bit of a show off. He always wants to be the center of  attention and loves to have his picture taken.

Is he outgoing or introverted/ talkative or shy?
Definitely outgoing. He likes to put on a show for his fans. He always jumps a little better and tries a little harder if he thinks people are watching.

Would he rather eat or compete
Compete. He’s a show horse through and through.

What would be his favorite subject in school and why?
P.E. He LOVES his turnouts.

What are his goals in life?
Charlie has big goals to do the International Derbies soon. He’s going to “graduate” from the Young Hunter divisions at the end of the year and will be ready to step into the 3’9” Greens next year!