Jun 2, 2019 | Show Stories

Allison LaJoie and Delmonde taking a victory gallop during the FEI CSI 3* Bronze Tour at Blenheim Spring Classic II

PC: McCool Photography

A native to the California show circuit, Allison LaJoie has experienced numerous firsts at Blenheim EquiSports events. A recent step in LaJoie’s #PathwayToSuccess was at the FEI CSI3* in the Spring. LaJoie not only competed in her first FEI class on the Derby Field in San Juan Capistrano, she won it!

This piece of her journey represents LaJoie’s ability to consistently rise to challenges in her riding career. It is clear from her years in the saddle that she has never shied away from a chance to improve her skills. Her grit, passion and hard work have paid off as she has advanced through the equitation and jumper divisions.

Below LaJoie reminisces about the horses behind her most memorable first firsts and the path up to those moments.


LaJoie and Haras compete in the Equitation.



LaJoie and Delmonde go FEI!

PC: McCool Photography

When was your first first at a horse show? What do you remember about it?

The first time I remember winning something was in the Short Stirrup division at Indio on my Welsh/Arab pony, Angel Lace. She would get excited about going into the ring and just canter right in as soon as we let her! She had a motor and spunky personality, which I loved.

Do you remember your first win at a Blenheim show? Can you tell us a little bit about it?

I believe my first win at a Blenheim show was in the Equitation on my horse, Haras. Being young and new to the equitation division it felt good that the hard work I was putting in with my new trainer, Karen Healey, was paying off.  Haras was a great partner with lots of heart. When I first rode him I got motion sickness because he was so big and rocky! But once I grew a bit he was the perfect fit for me and a great teacher.

We would love to hear about any other ‘first firsts’ that are memorable.  

My horse, Delmonde (“Rush”), and I recently won the FEI CSI 3* Bronze Tour Power & Speed during the Blenheim Spring series. This was my first time doing an FEI competition and I was looking forward to being a part of the great FEI event that Blenheim was putting on.

They did a beautiful job setting up the Derby Field to make it feel special for the FEI competitors. The Derby Field can be spooky to some horses, but my horse felt game and brave on warm up day. We both felt confident going into our first FEI class, which was the Power and Speed.

We communicated well and were able to execute the track and plan I had in mind. It was a great day where it all came together for us! We finished clear and with a time that was fast enough to hold the lead. This was our first FEI win. My horse tries hard for me and I am very thankful for him, and thankful for my Durango Farms team who got us here. My first FEI class was definitely a memorable one.


Joe’s famous victory high-five!

PC: EqSol

LaJoie and Delmonde smile for the win photo in the Derby Field

PC: McCool Photography