Argentinian course designer Ivan Tagle, like many others, started his career as a rider and trainer. Along with designing tracks for shows around the globe, Tagle occasionally teaches clinics to both riders and other designers looking to learn more about what goes into creating a smart course. The FEI designer takes pride in his work, and truly loves what he does. We got the inside scoop on Tagle’s career when he recently designed for Blenheim Equisports at the Showpark Racing Festival.

How did you initially get into course design?

I was a rider and a trainer. In my club they needed course designing, and I started 25 years ago.

What’s your favorite aspect of course designing?

The challenge with the riders. I want to produce good riding, good rhythm, good everything. The riders must be answering the questions.

What’s the most difficult aspect of course designing?

For me it’s to maintain a good result in the class. Not too many clear. You want good rounds, but have it be tough to be clear.

What is your favorite place you’ve ever traveled to for work?

My favorite place is the USA. I think Showpark or San Juan Capistrano is the best.

What’s your next big goal, or event you would like to accomplish?

Basically I built the South American Games, and now I build the qualifications for the Pan American Games for South America. It’s in El Capricho in Buenos Aires, Argentina, incredible place.

What advice do you have for young riders who have to walk their course?

Yes, when you walk the course you must see everything. The position of the fence, the color, the distance, the composition. All of the aspects are important for me and the riders of course. I always try to think of everything.

Do you think it’s important for riders to know some basics of course design?

It’s very helpful for riders to have knowledge of course design.