Barbara Phillips The Data Behind a Life Loving Horses

Jan 17, 2019 | Show Stories


For Barbara Phillips, living the dream means combining two unlikely worlds; horses and computing…

What began as a personal project turned into Equestrian Connect, which was launched in 2009. “Change is hard and that was certainly true when I started Equestrian Connect; possible users weren’t sure what it meant, how secure and reliable it would be,” Barbara said. But it wasn’t long before people began to see its merit – especially people like Robert Ridland, Stephanie Wheeler and Melissa Brandes of Blenheim Equisports. “They contacted me and wanted a better way for exhibitors to submit their entries. That was a huge success; exhibitors didn’t need to mail or overnight their entries anymore.” 


First published in Sidelines 2019 January issue. Story by Britney Grover.