Kastel Denmark 1.45m Junior/Amateur/Amateur Owner Jumper Classic

Current Standings

Horse/RiderSp ISp IISp IIISp IVR/CJ 1J 2J 3J 4TOTAL
Soon To Be/Christina Smith159 24
Timeless Romance/Ashley Weiman15 15
Swagger/Grace Miller1515
Twinkle Toes/Irene Neuwirth9 9
Swan Song/Savannah Pike9 9
Early August/Lanie Walkenbach 1 67
Doheny/Katie Cook6 6
Tic Tac Toe/Amy Bean6 6
Didorina EZ/Brianna Hammerman66
Chancellor/Christina Smith66
Lost Emerald/Kim Hall 33
El Cid/Angela Herring3 3
Goodnight Moon/Michelle Decker-Rumanas33
West Port/Kate Parker33
Meant To Be/Karin Binz 2 2
Haute Couture/Jessica Smith2 2
Dot Com/Lexie Looker22
Classic/Paige Walkenbach22
Cinnamon Twist/Anna Fogerty1 1
Best Chance/Mackenzie Root11
Please The Crowd/Alexander Miller11