Leading Young Hunter Award

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2019 Circuit Awards Chart – Leading Young Hunter Award

Points Awarded: 15,9,6,3,2,1

Prize: $2500 Horseflight Equine Travel Voucher to the owner of the horse with the most points from the Brookway Young Hunter Classic

Weeks Offered: Blenheim Spring Classic I, Blenheim Spring Classic II, Blenheim Spring Classic III, Blenheim Spring Classic IV, Showpark Spring Festival, Showpark Ranch & Coast Classic, Blenheim June Classic I, Blenheim June Classic II, Blenheim June Classic III, Blenheim Red, White & Blue Classic, Showpark Summer Festival, Showpark Racing Festival, Showpark August Festival, Blenheim Summer Classic, Showpark Summer Classic, Showpark All Seasons Summer Classic, Blenheim Fall Tournament

Current Standings

Horse/RiderSp ISp IISp IIISp IVSp FestR/CJ 1J 2J 3J 4S FestRac FestAug Fest - did not goB SSP SAll SeaFall TTOTAL
Boston/Rose Carver61596215255
Hopeful/Jamie Sailor91596645
Deja Blue/Sophie Simpson215191542
Gidget WT/Jamie Sailor31915331
Dot Com/Lexie Looker9661931
Reese's/Nick Haness151530
Valedictorian/Robert Sean Leckie1519126
Iconic/Nick Haness & Julia Rossow6311525
J'adore RW/Katie Taylor61521
Greatest Showman/Mitchell Endicott & Sophie Simpson215118
At Last TW/Gabriela Pattinson1515
Hillsong/Ariel Black1515
First Look/Amanda Pitton1515
Heaven's Song/Julia Rossow9615
Czech Please/Shauna Pennell1515
Bernliner/Emily Esau-Williams9615
Bailando/Nick Haness3912
Decollage/Nicole Bourgeois369
Hugo De Lui/Crystal Theisen99
Newton/Jenny Karazissis99
Arrividerci/Julia Rossow99
Exquisite RW/Gabriela Pattinson99
Titanium/Nick Haness & Karli Postel3339
Anakin/Sophie Simpson99
Sonder/Lysette Williams99
Santiago/Lexi Wedemeyer617
Japura/Ariel Black66
Dance Card/Simon Schroder66
Diadoro/Wendy Brownlee66
Carumba/Rachel Jansen Jones66
Barclay Square/Erin Duffy325
Obi Won/Cassie Frost224
Carpetino/Cassie Frost33
Cromwell/Crystal Theisen33
Classical/Julia Rossow33
Lordi/Jamie Cheney33
Heavenly Romance/Ashley Weiman33
O'Neill Van K/Crystal Theisen33
Lordaeron/Carolyn Biava22
San Renier/Katie Gardner22
Malone/Marissa Metzger22
Just for Fun/Nicole Kane22
Exquisite RW/Gabriela Pattinson22
Ibiza G/Danielle Lean22
Berliner/Emily Esau Willaims 22
Quotation/John French11
In Case/Leila Ward Maroney11
Il Divo/Katie Taylor11
Just Because/Kathy Nolan11