2021 Interactive Mortgage “Ticket To Ride”
High Performance Jumper Series

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$270,000 Including Rider Bonus To Be Paid To The Top 3 Riders

The Interactive Mortgage “Ticket To Ride” High Performance Jumper Series is a program sponsored by Gregg & Evette DeLong that provides horse owners, trainers, and riders the opportunity to compete in three Rolex/USEF Certified Rider Ranking List 1.50m Grand Prix events at a discounted price held during select Blenheim EquiSports produced events.

The Series also includes a $20,000 Rider Bonus to be paid out to the top 3 riders based on points accumulated.


$75,000 1.50m Interactive Mortgage Grand Prix – Blenheim Spring Classic 3
Entry Fee: $500

$75,000 1.50m Interactive Mortgage Grand Prix – Showpark Ranch & Coast Classic @ Blenheim
Entry Fee: $500

$100,000 1.50m Interactive Mortgage Grand Prix – Blenheim International Jumping Festival
Entry Fee: $500

Prize Money: 30%, 22%, 13%, 8%, 6%, 5%, 4%, 3%, 3%, 2%, 2%, 2%
Awards: The Top 5 Riders will be required to ride for Awards.

Order of Go: Based on the most current Rolex / USEF Show Jumping Ranking List

$20,000 Interactive Mortgage High Performance Jumper Program Leading Rider Bonus
To be awarded to the Top 3 Riders based on points earned from the three (3) Interactive Mortgage Grand Prix held during the 2021 Blenheim EquiSports season. To be presented upon the conclusion of the $100,000 Grand Prix held during Blenheim International Jumping Festival. Riders will earn points per Grand Prix based on their top placing horse only. Points will be awarded based on the number of entries in each qualifier. First place will be awarded one more point than the number of entries in the class, second place will be awarded one less point than the number of entries in the class, third place one less than second place, fourth place one less than third, etc.
First Place – 50% ($10,0000); Second Place – 30% ($6,000); Third Place – 20% ($4,000)

Current Standings

RIDERSPRING 2 $75k GPRanch & Coast $75K GPInt Jump Fest $100k GPTOTAL
Bruno Diniz Das Nevas25.0017.007.0049.00
Cassio Rivetti24.00 25.0049
Michelle Parker28.0010.00 38.00
Zume Gallaher14.009.0010.0033
Nicole Haunert6.0011.0014.0031
William Simpson30.00 30
Jason McArdle9.0021.0030
Laura Hite28.0028.00
Kyle King27.00 27
Saree Gordon Solanki13.0014.0027.00
Hanna Mauritzon26.0026
Derek Chang26.0026.00
Misti Cassar 24.0024.00
Trent McGee8.00 15.0023
Keri Potter 23.0023.00
Charlie Jones 22.0022.00
Delaney Batter11.009.0020
Savannah Jenkins20.0020.00
Hillary Ridland15.004.0019
Brian Morton18.00 18
Stephanie Gershon 18.0018.00
Lisa Carlsen17.00 17
Tracey Wade16.0016
Kendall Gath 16.0016.00
Shawn Casady15.00 15
Uma O'Neill 13.00 13
Carly Stevens12.00 12
Joie Gatlin 12.0012.00
Nicholas Choi 11.0011.00
Mitch Endicott10.00 10
Christopher Fellers8.008
Jamie Sailor 8.008.00
Guillermo Obligado7.00 7
Sara Van Fleet 5.005.00
Lauren Kolbe 4.004.00