Please make a note of these two points from the recent USHJA press release that affect Hunter Breeding Handlers and the Horse Recording Grace Period in upcoming horse shows:

• Hunter Breeding Handlers – HU 188.4 (Tracking No. 183-17): This rule change states that at Premier and National rated competitions, a handler may not exhibit more than one horse in each of the Hunter Breeding classes listed in HU 189 or HU 190. Further it requires that at these competitions the same handler must present the horse in all phases of the class and horses will be lined up in the order of preference for a final judging opportunity. The rule change states that at Regional I and II rated competitions, a handler may exhibit multiple horses.

• Horse Recording Grace Period – GR 1102 (Tracking No. 344-17): This rule change provides a grace period for horses missing USEF horse recordings. Members may correct bad points by recording their horse within 10 days of receiving a USEF Bad Points email. While not explicitly detailed in the rule change, this 10-day grace period is extended for USHJA Horse Registrations as well.

For the full press release and further information, please click here.

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