Rachel Cornacchia and Valkyrie de Talma

San Juan Capistrano, CA – Rachel Cornacchia claimed the first place prize and her first Grand Prix win in the $50,000 Blenheim Spring Classic 4 Grand Prix, presented by iJump Sports, aboard Eventyre Farms Ltd.’s Valkyrie de Talma. In front of a full audience of fellow equestrians and local fans, Cornacchia delivered two swift, faultless rounds that secured her the win by a half of a second against five others in the jump-off. Carly Anthony and Chacco picked up second place as the second-fastest double clear finisher.

The excitement took place over a course built by FEI Course Designer Oscar Soberon. The 16-effort track included a first fence by the in-gate, double combinations, a triple-bar fence, and numerous bending lines and rollbacks. Six of fourteen riders were able to navigate the course without accumulating faults. Cornacchia did so first, providing a second faultless round in a blazing fast time of 42.724 seconds that proved unbeatable.

“Considering that I was first to go in the jump-off, I just wanted to be double clear. I started with a forward pace and tried to make tidy turns and slices when I could, and the result couldn’t have been better. The track was great, especially for my first big Grand Prix class. It was inviting and complicated, but not over facing.”

Rachel Cornacchia in her first Grand Prix win

Cornacchia’s first show with this mount was exactly one year ago and the pair have been very successful ever since. “I’m looking forward to moving up with her into the 1.45m FEI classes this year. She’s got a very funny personality, but she’s a very competitive and brave horse.”

The Romfh leading open rider award was then given to the second place finisher of tonight’s Grand Prix, Carly Anthony. She rode her way to a total of 26 points throughout the Spring Classic Series to take the win.

Carly Anthony, the Spring Series Romfh Leading Jumper Rider, with Laura Romfh

Jenny Williams and Everclear are Double Clear and Victorious in the $10,000 Antares Sellier Jumper Classic
Earlier in the afternoon, thirty-five horse and rider combinations attempted the 1.35m Jumper Classic, presented by Antares Sellier. Eleven riders provided fault-free rounds and qualified for the second shortened round of competition, where Jenny Williams and Everclear provided an unbeatable time of 34.880 seconds to take the lead and the win.

“I’ve owned Everclear for a year now. He’s just so fast and so good – I just try to control him and I let him do all the rest. In the jump-off, I did all the leave outs and let him worry about the rest and it worked out.”

Looking into the rest of the season, Williams is planning to move up with this mount to the bigger Grand Prix classes, “He has the scope to do more than this, so I’m looking forward to moving up with him. I look like I’m working up there, but he does most of my job for me.”

Jenny Williams and Everclear

The Spring Classic 4 wraps up tomorrow with the $5,000 1.35-1.40m Interactive Mortgage Horses 10 & Under Futurity, as well as the remainder of the leading rider awards for the Blenheim EquiSports Spring Classic Series. After the conclusion of tomorrow’s competition, the action moves down to Del Mar for the Showpark Spring Festival and the Showpark Ranch & Coast Classic.

$50,000 Blenheim Spring Classic 4 Grand Prix, presented by iJump Sports

Place – Entry Number – Horse – Rider – Owner – Faults/Time
1. 397 – Valkyrie de Talma – Rachel Cornacchia – Eventyre Farms, Ltd. – 0/0/42.724
2. 599 – Chacco – Carly Anthony – Neil Jones Equestrian, Inc. – 0/0/43.267
3. 506 – Dakar VDL – Shawn Casady – HKC Collection, LLC – 0/0/44.110
4. 636 – Coupis – Robert Blanchette – Robert Blanchette – 0/4/44.402
5. 601 – Tenesse Rouge – Natasha Traurig – Steele Yard, LLC – 0/4/46.043
6. 104 – Edesa Stallone – Mariano Alario – Estancia Farms, Inc. – 0/8/44.030
7. 505 – Cicomein VLD – Shawn Casady – HKC Collection, LLC – 4/81.482
8. 399 – Un Diamant des Forets – Jim Ifko – Eventyre Farms, Ltd. – 4/82.495
9. 504 – Durango VDL – Shawn Casady – High Point Farm South, LLC – 4/82.943
10. 226 – Costena La Silla – Nicole Haunert – Lynne Bollinger – 4/83.056
11. 642 – Ce Ce Senior – Simon McCarthy – Joan Hoppe – 4/84.263
12. 197 – Quadrigus – Gabriela Pattinson – Susanne Coleman – 4+1/88.766

$10,000 Antares Sellier 1.35m Jumper Classic
Place – Entry Number – Horse – Rider – Owner – Faults/Time 
1. 498 – Everclear – Jenny Williams – Jenny Williams – 0/0/34.880
2. 591 – Ereina – Natasha Traurig – Poden Farms – 0/0/35.280
3. 600 – Carlo – Carly Anthony – Rhys Farms, LLC – 0/0/35.359
4. 531 – Andiamo VH Kapelhof Z – Kyle King – Jackie Herod – 0/0/35.675
5. 497 – Pebbles – Jenny Williams – Jenny Williams – 0/0/35.703
6. 537 – Amy 273 – Kyle King – Stuart Belkin – 0/0/36.080
7. 650 – Adamus – Leslie Wright – Pinnacle Equine Group, Ltd. – 0/0/36.563
8. 598 – The Flying Ham – Cara Anthony – Signe Ostby – 0/0/37.172
9. 375 – Thumb’s Up – John French – Linda Starkman – 0/0/37.493
10. 398 – Koko Katinka – Rachel Cornacchia – Eventyre Farms, Ltd. – 0/0/38.017
11. 329 – Ursina du Perchet – Laura Ware – Laura Ware – 0/4/34.880
12. 276 – Camerino – Jacqueline Toomey – Wells Farm – 1/85.270

Photos by McCool


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