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List your horse "FOR SALE" at the Blenheim EquiSports Horse Shows - Horse shoppers can find everything for sale at the horse show with one quick click

Simply enter Class #850 for Hunters & Equitation Horses, and Class #851 for Jumpers.

For only $10, your horse will be listed on the "For Sale" button of the Blenheim EquiSports App, as well as being listed in the horse show office (listings on the Blenheim Equisports web site will be coming soon).

Horses must be entered by 5:00pm to show up on the next day's "For Sale" list.

You only need to enter once and your horse will be on the list for the entire show!

Please note:
Check the App Store or Google Play to be sure that you have the latest Blenheim EquiSports update!

On your iOS device: visit the App Store

On Android devices: Google Play store

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