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Veredus Leading Jumper Rider Awards Presented to Top Riders from Showpark Festival Series

Mavis Spencer won the Veredus Leading Open Jumper Rider Award

Del Mar, CA - Riders who competed successfully in the jumper arenas earned special recognition at the conclusion of the three week Showpark Festival Series. As the series wrapped up, Veredus Leading Jumper Rider Awards were presented to the competitors who had accumulated the most points from their respective jumper sections. Each recipient took home a Veredus Horse Boots gift certificate and a Leading Rider sash.

Following a string of victories, Mavis Spencer received the Veredus Leading Open Jumper Rider Award with a total of 51 points. Highlight results for Spencer included earning first and second in the $10,000 1.40m Jumper Classic at the Showpark Racing Festival and sweeping both the $25,000 Markel Insurance Grand Prix and the $25,000 August Festival Grand Prix during the Showpark August Festival. Spencer achieved her success aboard several Neil Jones Equestrian, Inc. mounts and Caroline Villanueva's Chenoa.

"A lot of it comes down to the fact of how well-mounted I am with the horses I get to ride and the people that trust me with them. The nice thing about being at a show for three weeks is that you can build the horses up a bit as you go," said Spencer, who earned top ribbons on nearly ten different horses throughout the circuit.

Emma Waldfogel won the Veredus Leading 1.40m Jr/AO Jumper Rider Award

The recipient of the Veredus Leading 1.40m Jr/AO Jumper Rider Award was Emma Waldfogel, who emerged with the high-point total of 30. Aboard her horse Bowmore VDL, Waldfogel took home the win in the $10,000 1.40m Jr/AO Jumper Classic during the Showpark Summer Festival and matched the winning effort in the $5,000 1.40m Jr/AO Jumper Classic the following week at the Showpark Racing Festival.

"I'm honored to receive this award and so thankful to Veredus for sponsoring. I'm so lucky to have such a wonderful horse! He jumped great the past few weeks and I'm glad I didn't get in his way," Waldfogel said.

Hannah Ellerbrock won the Veredus Leading 1.30m Jr/AO Jumper Rider Award

The Veredus Leading 1.30m Jr/AO Jumper Rider Award went to Hannah Ellerbrock, who rode her mount Lagos to a high total of 48 points. After winning a class and finishing fourth in her division's classic during the Showpark Racing Festival, Ellerbrock had fantastic results at the Showpark August Festival. She won two 1.30m Jr/AO jumper classes as well as the $2,000 1.30m Jr/AO Jumper Classic to finish as the 1.30m Jr/AO point leader.

Amanda McQuady won the Veredus Leading 1.20m Jr/AO Jumper Rider Award

After winning two 1.20m Jr/AO classes and placing second in the $1,500 1.20m Jr/AO Classic at the Showpark August Festival, Amanda McQuady was presented the Veredus Leading 1.20m Jr/AO Jumper Rider Award. Riding her horse Picardo, she surpassed the competition in her division with a total of 33 points.

Allison Yantos was named the Veredus Leading Children's Jumper Rider. She rode her horse Tasi's Sophia in the Children's Jumper division, and the duo won two classes and the $1,000 Children's Jumper Classic during both the Showpark Racing Festival and the Showpark August Festival. For her numerous blue ribbons and consistency, Yantos accumulated 58 points to claim the Veredus Leading Jumper Rider title.

For her final total of 48 points, Tara Brown Stocks received the Veredus Leading Adult Jumper Rider Award. After earning a first, second, and third in the Adult Amateur Jumpers during the Showpark Summer Festival, Stocks and her horse High Hopes went on to win a division class and the $1,000 Adult Amateur Jumper Classic during the Showpark Racing Festival. Their consistency resulted in earning the Veredus Leading Jumper Rider Award.

Veredus Horse Boots have become the favorite choice of show riders throughout the world, and these six top riders will reap the benefits of the renowned product. Using advanced technical materials, Veredus boots offer the best protection and unsurpassed fit for all horses. Blenheim EquiSports would like to congratulate all of the award recipients on a successful series.

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