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Young Jumper Champions Crowned at Showpark All Seasons Tournament
Del Mar, CA - Blenheim EquiSports is pleased to host the Young Jumper Championships Western League Finals again this year. After three rounds, one on Thursday, one Friday and the last one today, three young champions in three age divisions rose to the top of the results.

Jamie Sailor and Flashdance Capture the Win in the Five-Year-Old Division
After Thursday and Friday's qualifying rounds, all ten entries returned for the final round.

Jamie Sailor and Flashdance

Two of the ten, Michelle Parker and Cross Creek Farm's U.S. Warmblood gelding CCF Yasur (Ocean I x Andiamo), along with Jamie Sailor and Felyn Farm's Hanoverian gelding Flashdance (For Edition x Quinar), jumped through all three rounds fault free. The two talented five-year-olds returned for a jump-off to determine the winner.

First in, Parker and CCF Yasur had an unfortunate refusal at fence 1. With the early morning shadows stretched out in front of the vertical, the young horse was unsure until he took a closer look. They finished with a nineteen fault score and time of 55.37. Sailor guided Flashdance smoothly around the course, securing her win with a clear round and an efficient time of 39.84.

Danielle Matlock bred Flashdance. Making their YJC debut together, Sailor, assistant trainer at Mike Edrick Stables, and Flashdance, share a strong bond. "We've had him since he was three; I broke him," she explained. "He knows his job. We hardly even school him at home. He loves the show ring and that's where he will stay!"

Michelle Parker and CCF Caramel Are Sweet in the Six-Year-Olds
Out of the 24 entries in the six-year-old division, the 15 who had accumulated the least amount of faults were invited back for the final round. One third of those who returned had a score of zero after jumping clean rounds on Thursday and Friday.

Michelle Parker and CCF Caramel

By the end of the third round, Emily Esau Williams with Dayla Fischer's Dutch mare Eranka B (Zacharov TN x Padinus), and Michelle Parker riding Dana Nemeth's U.S. Warmblood mare CCF Caramel (Durango LS x Contango), remained fault free, which led to another jump-off, this time with two talented young females.

Williams and Eranka B laid down a speedy time of 35.96, but with an unlucky four faults at the in of the combination (8a). Knowing what she had to do, Parker skillfully guided her mare, finishing clean and quick in 36.31 for the title of 2015 YJC Western League Six-Year-Old Champion.

Parker, thrilled with the win, explained why Caramel is truly part of the Cross Creek Farms family. "My mom, Carol, bred her. I competed on both the dam and sire. The dam was a grand prix horse I had, this was her only foal. The sire I had for a short period of time as a six-year-old, he is a Darco x Chin Chin."

This pair will also compete in the upcoming Blenheim EquiSports $15,000 Six Year Old Young Horse Finals at the Blenheim International Jumping Festival at Rancho Mission Viejo Riding Park at San Juan Capistrano.

Nathalie Manning and Doriena Secure the Seven-Year-Old Title
Having the same qualifying format as the other YJC divisions, 15 of the 20 seven-year-old entries returned for the third round. Only one entry had zero faults coming into the final day, Misti Cassar and the spotted Selle Francais stallion, Little Indian.

Nathalie Manning and Doriena

The third round changed the top spots a touch. Peter Petschenig with Consider 5 (Pam Bilek & Peter Petschenig, owners), Nathalie Manning and Doriena (owned by Idyllic Imports), and Kasey Ament with Soren Z (owned by KC Jump, LLC), came in with four faults each and all jumped clean in Round 3. Last to go, Cassar and Little Indian, with a score of zero, were unfortunately eliminated due to two refusals. The aforementioned four fault scores were tied and returned for a jump-off to determine the top three placings.

Blazing the way with a fast time of 36.46, Petschenig and the Holsteiner stallion Consider 5 (Converter x Landor S), set a tough standard for the rest to match. Manning and the Dutch mare Doriena (Canturano x Grosso Z), executed a handy and clean jump-off track, taking the lead in a time of 35.09. Last in, Kasey Ament and the Zangersheide stallion Soren Z (Sandro Boy x Carthago), ultimately finished in third place with a 4 fault score, in a time of 37.00.

Appreciative, Manning mentioned those that made this win possible. "I am fortunate to have some wonderful clients, Idyllic Imports, who have brought in two horses for me to ride. We bought Doriena about eight months ago," she said. "She's a really sweet mare on the ground, super cuddly, and she always tries hard. I've been fortunate enough to have Michelle Parker, Alex Alvarado, and Sal Alvarado help me. I want to thank my whole Acorn Farm team - the horses, grooms, family and friends."

Manning is also going to compete at the Blenheim International Jumping Festival in the Blenheim EquiSports $20,000 Seven Year Old Young Horse Finals in just under three weeks.

Congratulations to all competitors on a superb week of showing at the Showpark All Seasons Tournament. Blenheim EquiSports moves back to San Juan Capistrano in September for two consecutive shows to wrap up their California season, the Blenheim Fall Tournament and the Blenheim International Jumping Festival.



$10,000 Five Year Old YJC Western League Final

Place - Entry - Horse - Rider - Owner - Faults / Jump-off Faults / Time
1. 278 - Flashdance - Jamie Sailor - Felyn Farms - 0/0/39.858
2. 192 - CCF Yasur - Michelle Parker - Cross Creek Farms Inc - 0/19/55.379
3. 427 - Fiesta - Ashley Stannard - Ashbrook Farm, LLC - 8/73.527
4. 403 - Corina WT - Mandy Porter - Mandy Porter - 8/72.844
5. 346 - Felix BC - Nicki Mathen - Nicki Mathen - 14/70.330
6. 546 - Voss LS - Andres Torres Hernandez - Andres Torres Hernandez - 16/71.216
7. 525 - Stakka Gold - Max Dolger - Max Dolger - 16/68.876
8. 542 - Romario LS - Pablo Torres Hernandez - Pablo Torres Hernandez - 25/86.982
9. 523 - Castifino - Max Dolger - Gigi, LLC - 30/72.440
10. 493 - Clarence - Kristy Miller - Michelle Ehrle - Eliminated

$15,000 Six Year Old YJC Western League Final
Place - Entry - Horse - Rider - Owner - Faults / Jump-off Faults / Time
1. 191 - CCF Caramel - Michelle Parker - Dana Nemeth - 0/0/36.315
2. 291 - Eranka B - Emily Esau Williams - Dayla Fischer - 0/4/35.965
3. 358 - Elrito - Jason McArdle - Fairbanks Valley Farms, LLC - 4/66.537
4. 406 - Juweel Van Maarle - Mandy Porter - Sabine Cooper - 4/71.141
5. 137 - Hill Top Beach - John French - John French - 4/70.445
6. 165 - Leonor - Christoph Distel - Karen Hao - 8/65.783
7. 158 - Lorstakov - Lauren Hester - Lauren Hester - 8/66.942
8. 614 - Elianca - Eduardo Sanchez Navarro - Eduardo Sanchez Navarro - 8/68.964
9. 439 - Cool Tec - Sara Van Fleet - Sara Van Fleet - 8/71.994
10. 334 - Jagermeister - Breanna Lombardo - Breanna Lombardo - 8/71.130
11. 448 - Ernie - Jenny Williams - Jenny Williams - 8/66.469
12. 489 - Unique - Melissa Margolis - Melissa Margolis - 14/79.338

$20,000 Seven Year Old YJC Western League Final
Place - Entry - Horse - Rider - Owner - Faults / Jump-off Faults / Time
1. 336 - Doriena - Nathalie Manning - Idyllic Imports - 4/0/35.098
2. 201 - Consider 5 - Peter Petschenig - Pam Bilek & Peter Petschenig - 4/0/36.466
3. 108 - Soren Z - Kasey Ament - KC Jump, LLC - 4/4/67.975
4. 391 - Cofino Fight W - Guillermo Obligado - Woodgrove Farm - 5/71.568
5. 112 - All Shenanigans - Morgan Caplane - Morgan Caplane - 8/70.795
6. 545 - Chabacon - Andres Torres Hernandez - Andres Torres Hernandez - 8/66.025
7. 477 - Lorenzo T - Carly Ramsey - Carly Ramsey - 8/61.135
8. 199 - Volero - Michelle Parker - Annie Tame - 8/67.768
9. 357 - Da's Mooi Man - Jason McArdle - Fairbanks Valley Farms, LLC - 12/63.246
10. 543 - Donald - Miguel Torres Hernandez - Miguel Torres Hernandez - 12/66.675
11. 279 - Dame Sula - Jamie Sailor - Cathlene Rosha - 12/60.163
12. 544 - Chintano - Andres Torres Hernandez - Andres Torres Hernandez - 12/67.026




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