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Showpark All Seasons Tournament Showcases Young Hunters - Congratulations to Sallie B. Wheeler and International Hunter Futurity West Coast Winners
Del Mar, CA - As August winds down, the young horses have their chance to shine in the show ring. Beginning with the Sallie B. Wheeler (SBW)/US Hunter Breeding Championships and followed by the International Hunter Futurity (IHF), the West Coast's future hunters compete at the Showpark All Seasons Tournament.

Avid breeders and supporters of these programs, Sue Lightner and Tish Quirk both received top honors with the youngsters they have bred and brought along. The dashing Oldenburg Reminiscent, owned by Melissa Brandley, earned the title of Best Young Horse in the SBW Hunter Breeding Championships, and also won the IHF Hunter Breeding Best Young Horse. Reminiscent is by Ragtime, out of Rio Cortez.

Melissa Brandley's Reminiscent

Known as Miles in the barn, Lightner said the two-year-old will head back to the farm and hang out for six months before preparing for his three-year-old classes. She noted that he was actually born white and has since grown darker, which is unusual, and that he is a "perfect teenage boy right now", looking for trouble, but overall a good kid.

Tish Quirk's Good Luck returned to the winner's circle once again, as she has done in years past. The now four-year-old Dutch WB, known as Lulu at the barn, won the IHF Working Hunters Over Fences, Under Saddle, and Over Fences Conformation with John French in the irons. Out of Quirk's sire More than Luck and by Molly Malone, the mare is simple to work with, just like her father.

Tish Quirk's Good Luck

Quirk was glowing with appreciation for French, her fabulous facility, the IHF program and for Blenheim EquiSports for continuing to support these breeding programs.
"John rides them like he knows them. He does a beautiful job," she said. "I was busy with the breeding classes and I had my annual party last night. This is the first time I can remember with the horses that I have raised myself that I delivered her to John's barn and said, 'Here you go, she's easy - here's what she eats, here's her bridle, put her in your program,' and I acted like an owner! I stepped back and didn't lift a finger, didn't get in the way - I hid in the announcers' booth so she wouldn't get distracted by me."

She continued, "Next, she will go home to the pasture and be a four-year-old. And in a comfy stall at night. We will go light with her, she may show one or two more times this year. We are so lucky to have this facility right here, my farm is only 3 miles away. I am so fortunate, I've been there for 13 years. The owners are wonderful people and it is such a beautiful place."

Good Luck and Tish Quirk

Quirk, along with her late husband, John, are known for countless contributions to the sport over the years. Breeding has always been a passion, and Quirk, who has a barn full of babies right now, is committed to continue. "This is a fabulous program - everyone should be breeding to American stallions that are nominated to this program. You don't need to go to Europe to buy great horses," she said, and then reminisced. "Sallie Wheeler was involved from the beginning. She came to me at the Garden (National Horse Show) and explained the program and she asked if our stallion could be in it. So we've been involved since day one."

She also thanked the show management. "We are so grateful to Blenheim for the quality shows they put on, year in and year out - fabulous facilities, fabulous people in the office - the fact that on these two days we are the most important people in the world, the babies are the most important, and they treat us like royalty. It is deeply appreciated."

In turn, it is a pleasure to see these youngsters have their place in the show ring at this time of year.

The Showpark All Seasons Tournament continues to showcase young stars, with the International Jumper Futurity West Coast League Finals. Featuring three rounds over three days, the championship commenced yesterday, continues today and culminates on Sunday.

Horse - Handler-Rider - Owner

SBW Best Young Horse & IHF Hunter Breeding Best Young Horse:
Reminiscent- Sue Lightner - Melissa Brandley

SBW Hunter Breeding Amateur Handling:
A Classic Iron - Pam Stubbs - Pam Stubbs

SBW Hunter Breeding Yearling Colts/Geldings:
Reporting Live - Sue Lightner - Autumn Hills Farm

SBW & IHF Hunter Breeding Yearling Fillies:
Just A Star - Emily Esau-Williams - Tish Quirk

SBW & IHF Hunter Breeding 2 Yr Old Colts/Geldings:
Reminiscent - Sue Lightner - Melissa Brandley

SBW Hunter Breeding 2 Yr Old Fillies:
Carumba - Destaney Sperry - Destaney Sperry

SBW & IHF Hunter Breeding 3 Yr Old Colts/Geldings:
Rodeo - Sue Lightner - Sue Lightner

SBW & IHF Hunter Breeding 3 Yr Old Fillies:
Reflection - Sue Lightner - Melissa Brandley

SBW 3 Yr Old Hunter Under Saddle, IHF U/S and Conformation O/F:
Rodeo - Sue Lightner - Sue Lightner

SBW 3 Yr Old Hunter Hack & IHF Working Hunter O/F:
Reflection - Sue Lightner - Melissa Brandley

IHF 4 Yr Old O/F:
Good Luck - John French - Tish Quirk

IHF 4 Yr Old U/S:
Good Luck - John French - Tish Quirk

IHF 4 Yr Old Conformation O/F:
Good Luck - John French - Tish Quirk




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