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Medal Final Season Continues with CPHA Foundation Equitation Championships for Three Divisions - Vogel, Lindsley and Ladove are Victorious
Del Mar, CA - August 25, 2013 - On the final day of the Showpark Summer Classic, three divisions in the 3'3" CPHA Foundation Equitation Championships, 14 & under, 21 & under and 22 & over, competed for the top calls. After two rounds and a work-off, cumulative scores from judges Rob Gage and Chris Wynn determined the winners.

The CPHA Foundation classes have a work-off built in to each round with two tests from the USEF Eq 1-18.

Course designers Joe Lombardo (14 & under and 22 & over divisions) and Olaf Petersen, Jr. (21 & under division) built the tracks. Lombardo tested the two groups with a trot jump and counter canter to Fence 11 in Round One on Saturday and required a hand gallop to Fence 1 and a halt after Fence 8 on the way to Fence 9 in Round Two on Sunday. Judges Gage and Wynn required a flat work-off of the top nine in the 14 & under, followed by a work-off over fences for the top four. They also had the top four in the 22 & over division compete in a work-off over fences.

Petersen, Jr. used the entire grass field, including a jump on the top of the hill, a trot jump halfway through and a half turn on the haunches from the walk after Fence 11 for Round One. Round Two included a trot jump plus a halt and back after Fence 8 on the way to Fence 9. This time Gage and Wynn picked the top eight riders to return for a work-off.

Vogel Tops the 14 & Under Division
The high scores earned by the youngest group of riders resulted in two work-offs. The averages of the top nine scores after two rounds of competition ranged from 80.87 - 88.5, meaning almost one-third of the initial thirty in the class came back for further testing. The top nine were called in for a flat work-off including extensions and counter leads.

The top four overall scores were pulled from this group, and those riders were asked to return in reverse order for a challenging work-off: Canter directly to Fence 3, counter canter Fence 9, trot Fence 2 backwards, canter Fence 1 backwards, canter Fence 11, exit at the walk. Each rider executed the work-off well, yet each also had one error ranging from a refusal to rough trot transitions to losing the counter lead.

After this extensive testing, a score of 255.93 for Nina Vogel (Far West Farms, trainer) earned the top call followed closely by Summer Hill (Andrea Simpson, trainer) with 250.81.

The group who placed fifth through ninth finished after two rounds and a flat work-off with final overall scores separated by just five points.

Nina Vogel, Champion of the 14 & Under division and winner of the Hap Hansen Perpetual Trophy

Lindsley Prevails in the 22 & Over Division
After two rounds, the top four scoring riders in this division of 24 total competitors returned in reverse order for the following work-off: Canter Fence 3, canter Fence 9, canter Fence 12, simple change to the counter canter, trot Fence 2 backwards, and exit at the walk. Each rider, Nori Burby, Laura Owens, Adrienne Dixon and Blake Lindsley, all scored in the eighties, with no change to the order.

With a work-off score of 86, Blake Lindsley (Far West Farms, trainer) held her lead and took home the championship honors.

Blake Lindsley, Champion of the 22 & Over division and winner of the Victor Hugo-Vidal Perpetual Trophy

Ladove Locks in the Win in the 21 & Under Division
Alexandra Ladove, who trains with Newmarket, brings home her second medal final victory this season. After topping the CPHA Junior Medal Finals, Ladove performed in the large grass field as well as she did in the indoor arena at Blenheim.

Eight out of the 36 in the division were asked to return in reverse order with the following test: Canter Fence 3, Fence 4, counter canter Fence 5, trot Fence 6, canter 7bc, turn left and perform two simple changes across the diagonal heading towards the gate.

Ladove earned the highest work-off score of 86 to secure her number one position. With a score of 85, Sydney Callaway moved up to third overall. With a final score of 168.25, Savannah Dukes was just under four points from Ladove's leading score of 172.12 and finished second overall. Callaway also trains with Newmarket and Dukes with Karen Healey Stables.

Alexandra Ladove, Champion of the 21 & Under division and winner of the Barbara Worth Oakford Perpetual Trophy

Congratulations to all competitors in the CPHA Foundation Equitation Championships. Those with goals to head east for the Big Eq finals will now begin to prepare for the ASPCA Regional Medal Finals at the Blenheim Fall Tournament in September.

Results: CPHA Foundation Equitation Championships

Overall Results: 14 & Under
1. Nina Vogel - 255.93
2. Summer Hill - 250.81
3. Madison Myro - 239.5
4. Sydney Hutchins - 208
(Below placings didn't work- off in final four, but did flat work-off)
5. Sarah Jane Haskins - 166.13
6. Grady Lyman - 164.25
7. Miela Gross - 163
8. Dalan Laughlin - 162.87
9. Mitchell Endicott - 161.03
(Below placings didn't work-off)
10. Melanie Selleck - 79.87

Overall Results: 22 & Over
1. Blake Lindsley - 171
2. Adrienne Dixon - 167.625
3. Laura Owens - 165.5
4. Nori Burby - 162
(Below placings didn't work off)
5. Christina Haney - 79.75
6. Shelly Lachow - 77.75
7. Virginia Fout - 77.75
8. Chelsea Samuels - 76
9. Breezy Seastrom - 75.25
10. Cheryl Child - 74.25

Overall Results - 21 & Under
1. Alexandra Ladove - 172.12
2. Savannah Dukes - 168.25
3. Sydney Callaway - 165.87
4. Molly Pedicord - 163.81
5. Morgan Dickerson - 163.65
6. Allison Causky - 162.375
7. Robert Sean Leckie - 160.9
8. Olivia Champ - 159.25
(Below placings didn't work off)
9. Serena Anand - 78.93
10. Julia Nagler - 78.62

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